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Speaker Training and Coaching from an Award Winning Coach

Learning to speak in public and making presentations is one of the most useful career skills you can acquire.  It’s also a great skill to have when you run a business.  If you can talk to a roomful of people about your products and services, think how much more effective you’re making your marketing.

There are those who think great speakers are born, not created, but I’m here to reassure you these are skills you can learn.

If as you’re reading this you’re saying to yourself, ‘No… I would never have the confidence…’  I’m happy to reassure you on this score, too:  you will grow in confidence as you learn to make presentations that really work.  The confidence you gain as a result, will flow across other areas of your life, too.

I teach you to create talks that really connect with people in your audience – any audience…   I work with you to develop your confidence and your skills to prepare and deliver talks that get your marketing messages across in no uncertain terms.   I show you how to speak with ease and passion to inspire your listeners to action.

At SpeakEasy we aim to make the process of learning to speak effectively in public both fun and EASY.

You will be learning the skills that make TED speakers amazing from an expert speaker coach who counts TED speakers*, politicians and top business speakers** and leaders amongst her past clients.

If you want to get your message across so people pay attention and take action, as a result of hearing what you have to say, stop what you’re doing, pick up the phone and dial the number above.  (Tel:  07799 465962 or email me at:  Let’s talk and let me help you make your public Speaking Easy.

The Awards?

1.  Women Inspiring Women Awards 2014:  Women’s Role Model and Advocate

2.  Zokit Business Awards 2015:   Inspirational Leader